Kickstart My Art | Logan Giannini and George Kambadais' <i>Soulless</i>

People say that when you're dead it can't get any worse. But in the upcoming comic series Soulless the lead character Neill finds that not to be the case.

Written by Logan Giannini and drawn by George Kambadais, this six-issue series has turned to Kickstarter to drum up funds for the first issue. It's an interesting-looking project that falls out of the action-oriented superhero mainstream that's an easy sell to publisher, but I think it deserves a look.

Soulless starts when Neill wakes up in a drawer at his local morgue with a cannonball-sized hole through his chest. With no memory of how he got into that deathly predicament, he dusts himself off and re-enters a world that thought him dead. From dealing with his mourning girlfriend to his vampire buddy Bradley, a ghost girl tagging along, and even the real life worries of why his TV was repossessed while he was dead, Neill's got a lot of catching up to do. Here's three sample pages from the book:

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I learned about this project from Kambadais, who is a frequent contributor over at Project: Rooftop which I co-founded. Kambadais' work, combined with the plot, gives me a feeling not unlike Eric Fogel's long-gone MTV animated series The Head from the late 90s.

The creative team are looking to raise $3,500 for the production of the first issue, and as of this past weekend they're already 25 percent to their goal with only five days of donations. They've got a unique set of rewards to give backers as well, from simple good karma at the $1 level to the top-level getting a custom song and a personal visit by Giannini no matter where you live. If there are space aliens reading this, donate just to let me hear the story of Giannini trying to reach you.

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