Kickstart my art | Kenny Keil's Tales to Suffice

A couple of years ago SLG Publishing released the first issue of Tales to Suffice, a fun anthology featuring corporate zombies, lazy superheroes and fake ads by creator Kenny Keil. The book stalled after the first issue came out, but Keil kept creating material ... and now he's using Kickstarter to raise funds to print a collection that'll include that first issue plus a couple issues worth of new stuff he's created since then.

"What I'd like to do through Kickstarter is essentially use it as a pre-order system to help fund the publication of GIANT-SIZED TALES TO SUFFICE, a 120-page, full color collection of the entire 3-issue series (plus some extras)," he said on the fund-raising site. "The content itself is 99% finished (At the moment I'm still working on a cover design), but what I need help with is covering the printing costs. I figure what better way to raise those funds than to just go ahead and pre-sell the book?"


Keil is offering several different reward levels based on how much folks donate, from PDF copies of the book to signed editions of the eventual print edition. Go check it out.

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