Kickstart My Art | Jose Torres and Josh Hood's <I>Tilt-Shift</I>

It seems every day in comics there's war -- be it a war of the gods, an infinity war or whatnot. Few comics, though, bring you what it's really like on the frontlines -- but an new Kickstarter comic called Tilt-Shift plans to do just that. Written by military veteran Jose Torress and drawn by Josh Hood, Tilt-Shift is the story of a deployment in Afghanistan from the eyes, and the lens, of an Army photographer.

"To call Tilt-Shift a modern war drama is a painful oversimplification," Torres writes on Tilt-Shift's Kickstarter page. "Tilt-Shift marries police procedural intrigue with hard-hitting modern warfare action in its hyper-real presentation of the work done by Special Operations teams throughout Afghanistan.  More than that, it paints a picture of young Americans rising from their varied upbringings, distinguishing themselves from among their peers and flying to the most desolate ends of the world to quell a violent insurgency that suppresses the freedom of the Afghan people and threatens the security of their families back home."

Torres served overseas as a Special Operations combat photographer in Afghanistan, and his experiences serve as the basis for the story. This isn't his first comic, either; he did some minor work for Image and U.K. publisher Markosia a few years back, but put his comics career on hold when he enlisted.

Torres and Hood are looking to raise $10,000, the money needed to produce the first issue. Anything beyond that goal will be rolled over to fund future issues, and Tilt-Shift is tentatively planned for a 12-issue run.

The deadline to contribute to the Tilt-Shift Kickstarter is Sept. 28, so Torres and Hood have just over 40 days to reach their goal. Notable backers so far include comics writers Mark Andrew Smith and Ivan Brandon as well as Oni Press editor Charlie Chu and Markosia publisher Harry Markos.

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