Kickstart my art | Joe Harris' <i>Great Pacific</i>

Writer Joe Harris has had a bit of a renaissance in his comics writing career over the last year or so, including the Oni Press series Spontaneous and his most recent gig, co-writing DC's Fury of Firestorm title. It looks like he plans to stay busy, as he recently kicked off a Kickstarter campaign for a new creator-owned project called Great Pacific.

"I’ve been conjuring this thing up for a while now and am incredibly excited to get it out there," he said on his blog, adding, "I’m highly intrigued by this model for creating, promoting and proliferating original work and hope we can both meet our money goal as well as build some good will for the series. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever done and, I do hope, something you’ll find startling and original."

The comic is about the heir to one of America's most successful oil companies deciding to move out to "the infamous Great Pacific Garbage Patch"and declaring it a sovereign country:

Set upon a floating island of plastic refuse and trash estimated by scientists to be twice the size of Texas, and based on the true-to-life environmental catastrophe currently plaguing the Pacific Ocean, this series will explore a young man's attempt to tame this terrible new continent with the help of an astounding new technology that could change the face of the energy industry. But first he'll have to contend with the elements, harmful pollutants, mutated marine life forms that have been exposed to the toxic refuse his nation is built upon, and hostile natives from nearby islands. Looming beyond those immediate physical dangers is the United States government, which sees him as a reckless and dangerous fugitive who needs to be dragged back to the 'States using whatever means necessary.

It's a pretty cool hook for a comic, and he's recruited artist Martin Morazzo (Zuda's Absolute Magnitude) and former Dark Horse editor Shawna Gore to help bring it to life. He plans for it to be an ongoing title, and the money raised through the campaign will pay for the first six issues to be created. And one of the rewards keeps with the environmental theme of the book, as they're offering reusable grocery bags featuring Morazzo's art. That's pretty clever.

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