Kickstart My Art | Jake Parker's <i>Antler Boy and Other Stories</i>

Jake Parker was always one of my favorite parts of the Flight and Out of Picture anthologies, and his Missile Mouse graphic novels showed that he knows how to make great longer-form stories as well. Robot 6 readers may also remember that he's also a great designer of Batmobiles. Now Parker's wanting to collect all of his short stories -- both Missile Mouse and otherwise -- into one place in a collection called The Antler Boy and Other Stories.

There's a Kickstarter for the book, and with almost a month left to go, Parker's already passed his initial goal of $6,000. He hasn't identified any stretch goals yet, but the easiest way to get the nine-story volume is to pledge $25. Larger pledges get you more books and original art, so whatever Parker uses the extra money for, your contribution will get you cool stuff at a reasonable price. Check out the page for a full list of the stories and all the details.

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