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Fresh off its announcement at Comic-Con International, the creator-owned series Wild Blue Yonder scheduled to be released by IDW Publishing is looking for $12,000 to make that happen. Created by Zach Howard, Mike Raicht and Austin Harrison, the five-issue miniseries falls into the post-apocalyptic genre but is set in a new place -- the skies.

In the fallout from pollution and radiation, the surviving members of humanity climb mountains to get away from danger and eventually find a precarious home in the sky with flying machines, airplanes and floating fortresses. The struggle becomes for the fuel needed to keep these machines aloft, with the upper class (literally, as in living above earth) fighting among themselves and the lower class left on the ground mining the precious resource.


“We've been striving to put Wild Blue Yonder together for a long time,” Raicht said in a press release. “It is so amazing that it is finally coming together. To be able to publish it at IDW, the same place that has produced some of my favorite creator owned properties, like 30 Days of Night, The Cape, and Locke and Key, is cooler than I can ever truly express.”

It might seem weird for comic creators to use Kickstarter when their project has already been picked up by a major publisher like IDW, but it's not the first time. IDW is the home of the Womanthology, which was one of Kickstarter's early successes, and Image has published several projects that got a majority of their funding through Kickstarter. In Wild Blue Yonder's case, the $12,000 they're hoping to raise apparently is to provide the creators a living wage while creating the book, something that apparently their contract with IDW doesn't provide. Not that that's out of the ordinary -- most all creator-owned contracts (with the exception of Vertigo and traditional book houses), provide little to no cash advances or page rates. Seeing an IDW book looking to Kickstarter is simply a reflection of the industry as it stands now.


Like I said, Wild Blue Yonder's creators are looking to receive $12,000 from their Kickstarter drive, and they're already a quarter of the way there with 22 days left. The project is already backed financially by 124 people, including some comic pros like Joe Hill, Alex de Campi, Mark Andrew Smith and Duane Swierczynski. To top that off, in a promotional quote Punk Rock Jesus' Sean Murphy says that, "If this doesn't win an Eisner, I'm going to punch the person who does."

And I believe him.

Here's four pages the team have shared through their project: You can see more at their Kickstarter page.

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