Kickstart my art | Help Tony Harris create <i>Roundeye: For Love</i>

Heidi over at The Beat points us to a recent Kickstarter project started by Tony Harris. The artist of Starman, Ex Machina and War Heroes is asking for $60,000 to create Roundeye: For Love, a 96-page graphic novel.

Compared to most comic book projects that appear on Kickstarter, it's a pretty hefty sum, but Harris explains where the money will go.

"So it may initially seems to be too high of a goal to reach , but consider this: Kickstarter takes a percentage of all monies recieved," he posted on the Kickstarter page. "They also charge for all the credit card processing fees. The money goal set here reflects those things, my page rate for penciling, inking and coloring 96 pages of art, which is a Herculean task to be sure. Then there are administration fees for publishing, and promotional items to be generated and paid for. this project will likely be taken to one of the main publishers in comics such as Dark Horse, Image, IDW, etc.... so they will handle printing, and distribution, and a certain amount of advertising costs ( which can be MASSIVE). These are all big reasons why I decided to post ROUNDEYE: AFor Love here on Kickstarter. To reach as large an audience as possible. And the salary/page rate mentioned will likely be over 1-2 years, which doesn't amount to a whole lot. But this is the ONLY way to produce an extremely high quality product that will be competitive in the Comics market. I sincerely hope this makes everything I am trying to achieve here totally transparent."

Harris is offering several incentives for people who donate, from a mention in the book for $25 to a limited edition with a "personal drawing" for $400. You can check out some art from the project here.

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