Kickstart my art | Help fund a second tour of duty for <i>Guerrillas</i>

Creator Brahm Revel's Guerrillas series, about a squad of chimpanzees fighting in the Vietnam War, started as a mini-series at Image Comics, with Oni Press eventually publishing a collection of those issues last October. Revel still has two more graphic novels starring the simian soldiers he'd like to publish, and he's turned to Kickstarter to speed up the process.

"While my publisher provides a modest advance, the majority of my pay on the book comes after the book is published," Revel said on his Kickstarter page. "To pay day-to-day living expenses until then, I have to keep a day job as a freelance illustrator and work on the book in my spare time. If I can raise the money to pay those expenses outright, I will be able to focus all of my attention on the book instead of having to take any new illustration jobs."

Like with all Kickstarter projects, he's offering a series of rewards based on what you contribute, which range from free stickers to actually being drawn into the book. I'd love to see the next edition, so I've already contributed. If you're curious to see what the book looks like, Revel has some preview pages up on his blog.

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