Kickstart My Art | Colorists band together for <I>Untold Tales</I> anthology

After working behind the scenes and delivering one of the signature parts of superhero comics, the coloring studio Hi-Fi is stepping out from the shadows to write, draw and, yes, color, comics of its own and show them to the world. Titled Untold Tales, this 150-page collection brings together both current and former members of the Hi-Fi crew, including Flash co-writer/colorist Brian Buccellato and A-list Marvel colorist Jason Keith. And they're looking to Kickstarter to make it happen.

With an ambitious fundraising goal of $59,000, Hi-Fi founder (and colorist) Brian Miller's intent with Untold Tales is to show off the caliber of talent under the Hi-Fi umbrella in a variety of different styles and genre. On the book's Kickstarter page they're already showing off samples of the work produced for the anthology, and plan to publish the book in January.

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