Kickstart My Art | Bryan Q. Miller and Marcio Takara's <i>Earthward</i>

As he promised Monday in his interview with ROBOT 6's Tim O'Shea, Smallville writer Bryan Q. Miller has launched the Kickstarter campaign for Earthward, his all-ages graphic novel collaboration with artist Marcio Takara. Only hours into the drive, the project is already $5,401 toward its $30,000 goal.

"From inception, it was always intended to be all-ages, in a sense that I wanted it to live in a space where 7-year-olds could enjoy it, as well as 35-year-olds," Miller told ROBOT 6. "Often, all-ages winds up meaning “watered down for child consumption.” That isn’t the case with Earthward."

The 110-page adventure, characterized by the writer as "Goonies in space," follows six children who set out to find their missing parents, scientists working on a secret project. Their only clue is a warning recorded on their trusty Teachbot: "DON'T COME LOOKING FOR US."

Incentives range from limited-edition prints and pencil-and-ink commissions from Takara to a Skype writing workshop with Miller, Sterling Gates and Kyle Higgins, to art commissions from Dustin Nguyen, Kelley Jones and Jamal Igle. The campaign ends Feb. 17.

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