'Kickboxer' Casts Sara Malakul Lane As Female Lead

The Kickboxer remake continues to add to its cast as production ramps up. Jean-Claude Van Damme just signed on to replace Tony Jaa and now, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Sara Malakul Lane is also on board.

The film stars Alan Moussi as Kurt Sloane, a fighter who heads to Thailand first to train with a master played by Van Damme and then to exact vengeance on Dave Bautista's Tong Po for killing Sloane's brother. Lane will play a detective investigating Kurt's brother's death and also act as a love interest for the lead.

The actress has appeared in films like Sharktopus, 12/12/12 and Jailbait, and will be in next year's Scouts Vs. Zombies. Kickboxer has gone through a few changes in talent recently, but director John Stockwell has now taken the reins. The film is expected to open next year.

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