EXCLUSIVE: Romita Returns To Kick-Ass For Niles & Frusin's First Finale

The blood-soaked adventures of mob fighter Patience Lee may have been handed off to Steve Niles and Marcelo Frusin, but the creators of Kick-Ass are never far from their signature hero.

And to cap off the first arc from the pair, original Kick-Ass artist John Romita, Jr. has contributed a Grindhouse-inspired variant for issue #12 of the current series. Shipping in February, the comic not only completes the story that set the new Kick-Ass at the head of a mafia organization spinning out of control. The story will also set the book towards its next major story under Niles and Frusin's tenure, set for later in 2019.

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To celebrate, Mark Millar's Millarworld has given CBR an exclusive first look at Romita's "Slicing, Dicing" Grindhouse cover. The piece is the final variant in a run that has included cinema-inspired work from the likes of Mike Allred and Jock.

Millarworld also opened up the artbook to share Andre Araujo's cover for issue #12, featuring a detail-packed prison riot.

The story of Kick-Ass continues in issue #9 on sale now and #10 shipping December 5 from Millarworld and Image Comics.

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