Kick-Ass, Iron Man 2, Cowboys & Aliens: September 2nd Comic Reel


"Kick-Ass" artist John Romita Jr. tells MTV News about the animated sequence in the film. The minute and half sequence will feature the origin of Nicholas Cage's character, Big Daddy. "There's a comic book that Nicolas Cage's character has drawn as a shrine to his victims," says Romita Jr. While the sequence will be in the artist's style, he is not too taxed in the process of making it happen, thanks to computer wizardry. "I don't need to do as many drawings as you think, but they're able to do the animation with models that I've drawn," he explained. Meanwhile, Lionsgate announced on its Twitter page the release date for the film, putting it against "The Losers" in spring of next year.

Directed by Matthew Vaughn, release date: April 16th, 2010


According to Harry Knowles at Ain't It Cool News, Paramount and Marvel are considering options to release the film in 3-D. Harry goes on to suggest the subsequent Marvel films may be filmed in 3-D from the get-go. It is an interesting development. However, as part of the population who cannot see the 3-D effect (or gets a headache trying to do so), I hope there's still room for 2-D movies in a couple of years.

Directed by Jon Favreau, release date: May 2nd, 2010


As reported here at CBR yesterday, director Jon Favreau and Iron Man Robert Downey Jr. are bring their comic book movie magic to the long-in-development "Cowboys & Aliens." According to the Hollywood Reporter, the project was first "set up at Universal and DreamWorks in 1997 with Steve Oedekerk writing and directing. It later moved to Columbia, with 'Sahara' scribes Joshua Oppenheimer and Thomas Donnelly writing." Currently, Alex Kurtzman and Robert Orci, with "Lost's" Damon Lindelof, are working on a new draft of the film for DreamWorks.

Release date: TBA


IESB has a press release regarding the upcoming home video release. This one focuses on actor Clancy Brown, who returns to lend his voice to Lex Luthor. Brown initially took on the role for "Superman: the Animated Series" in the 1990s and continued to play the part through to "Justice League Unlimited" earlier this decade. "Lex is the bad guy. He's the archetype. He's everything that's ugly about who we are as people. But he is also what is seductive about that side, which is the wealth and the power," says the actor.

Featuring the voices of Tim Daly and Kevin Conroy, release date: September 29th, 2009


Superhero Hype has some new stills from the film featuring Astro duking it out with robots in an arena. Also, CBR, has the third and final trailer for the film.

Directed by David Bowers, release date: October 23rd, 2009


Sci Fi Wire talks with Greg Grunberg about Sylar and the storyline for his own character, Matt Parkman, in the upcoming season. "I love it because it's more character-based. The show became all about saving the world, and it's very abstract. It's kind of hard to grasp that. What does that mean? It's very spectacular, and it's fun, but then if you do it every week, it doesn't mean anything. And if everybody has powers, it doesn't mean anything. So this year it's kind of getting back to season one, where it's all about the characters just wanting to be real and normal," says Grunberg

New episodes begin: September 21st, 2009


IGN has a behind the scenes featurette on the upcoming film.

Starring Bruce Willis, release date: September 25th, 2009


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