"Kick-Ass" Invades Hollywood

The young cast of Lionsgate's "Kick-Ass" appeared in Hollywood Monday night for a signing, brief Q&A and costume contest. CBR News was there as the costumed community showed off their stuff and actor Christopher Mintz-Plasse got into the spirit.

After a couple of hours signing posters at the Hot Topic store at the Hollywood & Highland development, stars Aaron Johnson, Chloe Moretz and Christopher Mintz-Plasse appeared on the stage in the center court and answered a few questions about the film, with Moretz being asked if she did all her stunts. "I did do, basically, everything, except for running up the wall. Other than that, I did everything," she revealed. The entire group was asked what superhero power they would like, but only Moretz had a response. "Breathing under water," she said. "It's kind of boring."


Johnson was asked if he really tried to fool director Matthew Vaughn about being from England. (Vaughn was trying to cast an American and ignored any actor he knew to be from the UK.) "Yeah, I guess so," Johnson said before the girls in the crowd began to squeal. Mintz-Plasse tried a bad British impression to get the same response from the crowd to a less than stellar response.

The actors were then asked if there was any fun stuff that happened on set? Mintz-Plasse revealed, "Something that was fun for everybody else, but not for me: I whacked myself in the face with a nunchuck."

"He has a huge scar from it now," added Moretz. The crowed began to make sympathetic noises.


"You don't have to 'Aw...' that - it was two years ago," said Mintz-Plasse.

"Everyone, 'Aw...' him now!" ordered Moretz. The crowd responded with a much louder show of sympathy.

Johnson was asked if he thought people will start calling him Kick-Ass, he got as far as "I guess...I don't know," before the squealing started again.

After that, the contestants came on stage and paraded around in their homemade costumes. First up was DJ Superhero, a sort of Batman with a vinyl LP. Mintz-Plasse wondered if the LP lit up. "Doesn't it do something crazy?" he asked. DJ Superhero replied, "It's not activated."


"If you're going to be a superhero, it has to be activated at all times," replied the actor.

Following the nightclub-ready hero was a woman in a Nightwing costume with an added cape. "I don't have a power," she said when asked.

Next was Captain Zack Stevens: the Super-Pirate, a sort of bizzaro, anime-inspired pirate character with big shoulders. He claimed his power was to get the ladies. Mintz-Plasse asked the ladies in the audience if that was true. They shouted "No!"

The Super-Pirate was followed by The Slammer, a Red Mist style character who claimed he could kick everyone's collective asses.

Daniel the Turtle, a giant foam-rubber cartoon turtle waddled onto stage. "Isn't he just a fucking Ninja Turtle?" asks Johnson. The turtle claimed, "I can take any punch." Captain Zack punched him in the gut to no ill effect.

A Hit-Girl walked onto stage and was greeted by Mintz-Plasse, who said, "Good to see you again." She was followed by Mr. McSuper, a standard superhero costume in yellow and blue. After him was Shadow, a girl in Vulcan ears and a mask. When asked about her power, she replied "I can hear everything, even your shadow."

"What's my shadow saying?" asked Johnson. "I want French Crepe," replied Shadow, eyeing a nearby Crepe retail establishment.

"Sugar and lime, please" said Johnson.

The Punchline - a blue Kick-Ass variant with a giant P on his chest - walked on stage next, claiming that he had "Kick-Ass" powers.

Finally, The Heartbreaker, a sort of Power Girl costume with a heart over her chest appeared. She said her power was a "paralyzing kiss of death," to which Mintz-Plasse responded, "That's a villain."

The actors fled backstage as they decided on which costumes they liked best, leaving the contestants onstage to pose for cameras, with Daniel the Turtle dancing to the music. After a few moments, the cast returned onstage. Mintz-Plasse announced that he chose DJ Superhero, "even though he was a bit rude." The crowd did not respond, leading him to say, "I feel that you all disagree with me...but I'm sticking by it." Moritz picked the Heartbreaker, giving the hero/villain a hug, while Johnson decided on The Punchline.

"Kick-Ass" arrives in theatres April 16th.

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