EXCLUSIVE: Read Millar & Romita Jr.'s Complete Kick-Ass #1


There's a new Kick-Ass in town, and she's even more dangerous than the original.

Of course, this makes sense. The first person to don the green and yellow spandex was Dave Lizewski, a nerdy teenager who had visions of becoming a real world superhero. Of course, his reasons were less about altruism and more about impressing a girl, but nonetheless, the gawky nerd embarked upon a mission to fight crime in a costume. While he did accomplish his goals, sort of, Dave only managed to survive his adventure through a combination of dumb luck and well-timed intervention from some unlikely allies, most notably, the super-competent Hit-Girl.

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The new Kick-Ass is Patience Lee, a military veteran who takes over Dave's abandoned identity for reasons that differ immensely from Mr. Lizewski's. Patience finds herself under the mask not to fight crime, but to fight for her family's survival when her husband squanders their money.

What follows is a story as violent as you'd expect from Mark Millar and John Romita Jr. Kick-Ass' creators have reunited to tell a story full of guns, money and plenty of blood. And now, CBR readers who may have missed out on the series' first Image Comics issue have a chance to catch up, for free. Below, we present the first issue of theall-new Kick-Ass by Millar, Romita, Peter Steigerwald and John Workman, in its entirety.

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Kick-Ass #2 and 3 are available in stores now; Issue #4 arrives on Wednesday, May 16.

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