EXCLUSIVE: Cowan, Sienkiewicz & Romita Variants for Kick-Ass #6

CBR has your exclusive first look at variant covers for July's Kick-Ass #6 by legendary artists Denys Cowan, Bill Sienkiewicz and John Romita Jr.

The issue brings writer Mark Millar and Romita's first Patience arc to a climax as she takes the fight to her local ganglords, with the hopes of bringing peace to not only her family, but also to her neighborhood.

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The Kick-Ass relaunch replaced Dave Lizewski, a nerdy teenager who had visions of becoming a real-world superhero, with Patience Lee, a military veteran who takes over Dave’s abandoned identity for reasons that differ immensely from Mr. Lizewski’s. Patience finds herself under the mask not to fight crime, but to fight for her family’s survival when her husband squanders their money.

Below is CBR's exclusive look at Cowan, Sienkiewicz and Romita's covers for Kick-Ass #6, along with solicitation text. The issue goes on sale July 18 from Image Comics.


  • Writer: Mark Millar
  • Artist / Cover / Cover A / Cover B / Cover C: John Romita Jr
  • Cover D: Denys Cowan/Bill Sienkiewicz
  • Published: July 18, 2018
  • Diamond ID: MAY180190
  • Age Rating: M
  • KICK-ASS IS BACK. It’s the violent climax of JOHN ROMITA JR and MARK MILLAR’s first Patience arc, and our hero’s taking no prisoners. Patience is facing off with the ganglords in a final, bloody showdown—fighting for the survival of her family, and of her neighborhood.
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