Kibuishi's <I>Amulet</I> takes flight as movie with Will Smith and family to star

Ever-present story-breaker Variety has the scoop that Warner Bros. and Will Smith have picked up the rights to Flight founder Kazu Kibuishi's graphic novel series Amulet, tapping screenwriter Rob Edwards (The Princess and the Frog) to adapt the three-volume series. Will Smith will co-produce the film series and is rumored to be looking at the two key roles of brother Navin and sister Emily for his son Jaden (The Karate Kid) and daughter Willow (I Am Legend). In fact, Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett-Smith could find themselves in the film as well as the two siblings in the story chase after their parents.

Variety is framing this as a potential live-action vehicle, but I could see this going over better as an animated film in the vein of How To Train Your Dragon or owing to Kibuishi's own Hayao Miyazaki influences. Still, great movies start from great stories, so a feature adaptation of Amulet is starting off on the right foot.

Originally debuting as a graphic novel back in 2008, Kibuishi's graphic novel series has gone on to two further installments with a fourth scheduled for September 2011.

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