'Key & Peele' star's surprising comic book connection is a familial one

These days, it's not uncommon for a celebrity on the PR circuit to drop some hidden comic book connection -- usually a piece of childhood fandom meant to earn fanboy cred -- but Key & Peele star Keagan Michael Key recently announced a different kind of connection: a familial one.

Appearing on the podcast You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes, the comedian, whose award-winning Comedy Central show just ended its run, revealed that he shares a father with the late legendary comic writer Dwayne McDuffie. Though Key has spoken often in interviews about his family background, it appears the Detroit native has just recently learned about his connection to the Static Shock co-creator, who died in 2011.

"My mom gave me up for adoption and then got married to a guy and had four more kids...[my sister] was doing some genealogy stuff, and so she found out about my biological father," Key explained. "We never got to see pictures of him or anything like that. I'm still to this day searching for pictures of him.

"But what's interesting is, those two brothers from his first marriage? My dad was married, had two sons, and then he had an affair with my mom, and she had me and gave me up for adoption. That makes sense, right? [But those two half-brothers] they're both dead. One died when he was 45. The other died when he was 49...my one brother I just found out recently worked for DC Comics. He worked for DC Comics and Marvel Comics, and he was in charge of an animation department of making cartoons about bringing characters of color on the small screen. That's what he did."

You can hear the relevant portions of the chat below courtesy of a knowledgeable YouTube user going by "Small World," as well as Key & Peele's famed Stan Lee sketch.

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