Kevin Smith's Kato Vol. 1: Not My Father's Daughter

Story by
Art by
Nigel Raynor
Cover by
Dynamite Entertainment

In his youthful days of fighting crime with The Green Hornet, Kato battled mobsters, thugs, and assassins. Now,while trying to enjoy retirement with his wife in the mountains outside Tokyo, the elder Kato faces what may be his toughest challenge: his headstrong daughter.

As Kato and his daughter Mulan try to settle their differences, a horrific tragedy changes everything in their lives. A new villain, linked to Kato's past, strikes, determined to destroy Kato and his family. With Kato hobbled by a broken leg, Mulan decides she wants to follow in her father's heroic footsteps. Will the all-new Kato and her legendary father be able to settle their differences in time to face off together against this new foe?

Straight from the pages of Kevin Smith's Green Hornet series, an action-packed tale of revenge, father-daughter turmoil, love, and martial arts mayhem.

Collects issues 1-5 of the hit Dynamite Entertainment series.

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