Kevin Smith's Jay and Silent Bob Reboot Picked Up by Saban Films


As Kevin Smith's Jay and Silent Bob Reboot moves deep into pre-production, the upcoming sequel/revival/remake has picked up a new theatrical distributor.

Saban Films has announced they will be distributing the film theatrically in the United States, replacing the franchise's longtime former distributor Miramax.

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"Last February, I almost died. So on the one year anniversary of my widow maker heart attack, as a celebration of life and a big ol’ F you to Death, my best friend and I will be rolling cameras on a sequel/remake/reboot of a movie we first made nearly twenty years ago," explained Smith, who is writing and directing the film as well as starring as Silent Bob, in an interview with Deadline. "In Jay & Silent Bob Reboot our herbal heroes find out Hollywood is making a reboot of the old movie that was based on them, so they journey out to Hollywood to stop it again. I offer my (literal) undying thanks to our amazing partners at Saban and Universal for making this dream come true and backing this cinematic silliness!"

Smith officially announced pre-production on the film had begun on New Year's Day with producer Jordan Monsanto. The upcoming film will reportedly remake Hollywood's trend of producing endless sequels and remakes by making one of its own with Jay and Silent Bob returning to Hollywood to stop the production of Bluntman v. Chronic, a superhero reboot based on their likenesses.

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"I’m tired of doing Shakespeare all the time so it’ll be nice to get back to playing Jay again," joked star Jason Mewes. "It may be 25 years since I first played the idiot man-child from Jersey but this time’s going to be the best because I’ve really grown into the role of idiot man-child in my old age.”

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