Kevin Smith Poised to Be Showrunner of a New TV Series

Filmmaker Kevin Smith announced on last week's edition of his Fatman on Batman podcast that he might become a showrunner on at least one television series.

That would mark a significant change for the Clerks director, who in recent years has helmed episode of The CW's Supergirl and The Flash.

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"I'm working on a different thing now," he said. "I'm in a different end of the process," which he added lends well to the work he has been doing as a filmmaker and television director.

Reflecting on his work with The CW, Smith said he liked having the chance to observe and "pick and choose" to better understand the role of a showrunner. "I've now done enough where I can look and see how a showrunner runs a show and form an opinion on how I would do it," he said.

Smith did not go into great detail, as he is still in the beginning stages of development on each project. However, he is excited to have several opportunities in the works at one time.

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"I'm spinning a lot of plates, post-heart attack," Smith said. "I just need one of them to go, man." He survived a massive heart attack in February. Since then, he's been busy bringing ideas to the table. He stated if one idea doesn't work out, then there is a second and a third to fall back on.

Nothing is set in stone as of yet but Smith plans to keep everyone updated.

Smith remains active in comics, too, mentioning on the podcast that he wrote a four-issue arc of Hit Girl for Mark Millar that is due out in January.

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