Kevin Smith is Confident Tom Cruise as Wolverine Would Make $1 Billion

Tom Cruise has always been on the short list for any number of superhero films, but director Kevin Smith has a surprising casting pick: Wolverine.

Wolverine has been without an actor ever since Hugh Jackman bowed out of the role following Logan, and everyone is anticipating who could step into the X-Man's bright blue boots next. During his Fat Man Beyond live podcast with Marc Bernardin, the topic of Tom Cruise joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe came up.

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“My only downside for this is, it sounds like [Tom Cruise] is going to be busy then,” Smith said, regarding the actor's busy filming schedule. “And I look forward to them bringing him into the comic book world. Like, I think he’s ripe for a Marvel takeover.”

“I think he would be a really good Striker for when they reboot the X-Men.” Bernardin later said.

“No, f*** that, make him Wolverine!” Smith exclaimed in response. “...Tom Cruise’s Wolverine makes a billion dollars!”

The video continued with Smith proposing a number of other roles for Cruise to portray in the MCU, eventually settling on the role of Mister Fantastic. “Tom Cruise is the perfect f***ing age, and he’s charming as f***!” Smith declared, dismissing the idea of fan favorite John Krasinski in the role.

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It’s not the first time Tom Cruise's name has been brought up in regards to superhero franchises. Rumors circulating as far back as 2017 claimed Cruise was a front-runner for a Green Lantern reboot, alongside big names like Bradley Cooper and Armie Hammer. A Green Lantern Corps movie is currently in the works, with Geoff Johns writing the screenplay.

Most infamously, Cruise was very nearly Iron Man in the late ‘90s. At the time, Cruise was attached to produce the film, with the expectation that he would star as Tony Stark. Those plans eventually falling through paved the way for Robert Downey, Jr. to star in 2008's Iron Man, starting the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

It's worth remembering this is all just Smith's fan casting. The topic of conversation for Smith’s podcast was Tom Cruise’s success with the Mission: Impossible franchise. Over 20 years since the original was released, Mission: Impossible - Fallout was a runaway success. Cruise recently signed on for two more sequels, with release dates aimed at 2021 and 2022.

Wolverine remains an empty role for now, with Dark Phoenix and New Mutants slated to be the final X-Men films from 20th Century Fox before the rights move to Marvel Studios.

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