Kevin Smith to Voice MODOK for "The Marvel Experience" Tour

Kevin Smith will be joining the cast of "The Marvel Experience" tour as the voice of A.I.M. villain M.O.D.O.K., reports The Wrap.

Ever since I was a wee butterball-looking comic book fan, I dreamed of going to a live event as amazing as ‘The Marvel Experience,’” said Smith in a statement. “This is like actually being inside of a giant comic book come to life.” In correspondence with the announcement, Marvel also released a teaser video featuring Smith as a slumbering security guard who comes across Thor's hammer and Captain America's shield. Check it out below.

Writer/director Smith is currently in the midst of shooting Yoga Hosers, his followup to Tusk starring Johnny Depp, and as such will be present at "The Marvel Experience" stops in voice alone.

Hero Ventures' "The Marvel Experience" is billed as the "World's First Hyper Reality Tour." Covering more than 80,000 square feet, the attraction is designed to resemble a S.H.I.E.L.D. mobile command center, with a Dome that reaches more than six stories in height. Inside, there will be a maze of connected domes that lead guests through interactive games and original 3D animated short films that lead to the centerpiece, a 4D motion ride. Currently on tour, Smith comes aboard just in time for the San Diego residency, February 7th-22nd. The next scheduled stop is San Francisco from February 27th to March 22nd, with East Coast dates to follow.

In oddly timed related news, comedian John Hodgman of The Daily Show made a play for the MCU version of M.O.D.O.K. the same day as the announcement of Smith's involvement. Hodgman tweeted an image of the super villain with the caption, "Born for this," sparking a number of fan-drawn concepts. Take a look.

Born for this. #hodgmanforMODOK pic.twitter.com/aTrdgoRlgS

— John Hodgman (@hodgman) February 5, 2015

— Klein Maetschke (@kleinmaetschke) February 5, 2015


Drew a picture of @hodgman as MODOK in support of his destined role. Write your congressperson. #hodgmanforMODOK pic.twitter.com/YFutEvlWWD

— stwallskull (@stwallskull) February 5, 2015

— Lar (@lartist) February 5, 2015

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