Kevin Smith teases second volume of <i>Widening Gyre</i> is 'half-done'

Filmmaker Kevin Smith this morning offered a first look at Walt Flanagan's pencils for the second volume of Batman: The Widening Gyre, trumpeting that the remaining six issues are "half-done."

The 12-issue miniseries, which debuted in October 2009, reacquaints Bruce Wayne with Silver St. Cloud and introduces Batman to a new partner in his fight against crime in Gotham City. Despite efforts to keep the project on schedule, the first volume met with delays, extending its conclusion to September 2010.

Smith built in a six-month break between volumes -- "to insure we don’t run into my usual problems with lateness," the writer said in 2009 -- meaning the second leg of The Widening Gyre should've debuted sometime around March.

Now, however, Smith indicates on Twitter that Vol. 2 will arrive in early 2012, when his new AMC reality series Secret Stash is scheduled to debut: "Looking to street when AMC show starts (SMarketing, bitch)!"

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