Kevin Smith Teases New Alien Species In Supergirl

Supergirl Lives

With “Supergirl” set to return next week with an episode directed by comic book mega fan Kevin Smith, it’s only right that the director teased us with what we can expect. He did just that, sharing an image on his Instagram of what looks like some alien threat for Supergirl to fight.

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The photo (which you can find below) was posted to Smith's Instagram page and shows him sandwiched in-between two menacing looking aliens. Those aliens, you might remember, were teased in the “Supergirl Lives” extended trailer that the CW released the other day. As it turns out, that alien species has a name, and they are Maaldorians.

It seems like this particular alien species was created specifically for this episode, so it’s unknown what the aspects and abilities of them will be. Whatever powers they may possess, it seems like Supergirl can still take them down with no problem, as she punches one with no hesitation in the trailer.

The episode, titled “Supergirl Lives”, finds Kara and Mon-El on a planet known as Slaver’s Moon in search of a girl named Izzy. It would stand to reason that it’s on Slaver’s Moon that the Maaldorians make their appearance. You can catch the episode when “Supergirl” Season 2 comes back on January 23 on the CW.

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