Kevin Smith Invites Stan Lee to Live With Him

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Amid troubling allegations that Stan Lee has been subjected to elder abuse, filmmaker Kevin Smith has invited the 95-year-old comics legend to live with him.

Lee's daughter, J.C. Lee, and others have been accused of abusing the comic book icon. There have been numerous reports over the past several months of Stan Lee being exploited for money, with the most bizarre twist involving accusations that his blood was stolen and used to sign comics.

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When Smith suffered a massive heart attack in February, one of the first things he did was reach out to Lee. On Twitter, Smith expressed that he missed Lee, who had a memorable cameo in his 1995 comedy Mallrats. He said last month that all of the phone numbers he had for Lee no longer work, and invited him to live in his home.

But following the an alarming new report, Smith offered to open his home to Lee, or for the comics legend's legion of fans to come together to buy him one of his own.

Joan Lee, Stan Lee's wife of 70 years, passed away in December at age 93. Since then, one of Lee's associates has been accused of stealing $300,000 from his bank account, and using $850,000 of his money to buy a condominium. The same person is alleged to have forged an order for a nurse to draw "several vials" of Lee's blood, which a recent report suggests was used to create ink to sign comic books.

Stan Lee has also been accused of sexual misconduct, which his attorney has dismissed as part of an extortion scheme.

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