Kevin Smith Responds to Bill Maher's Latest Anti-Comics Rant

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Bill Maher took the opportunity to triple down on his anti-comics stance in the latest episode of his HBO series Real Time With Bill Maher that aired last night, reiterating his point that adults who continue to read comic books are being childish. In the nearly six-minute segment, Maher also took aim at lifelong comic book fan and filmmaker, Kevin Smith, specifically insinuating that the clothes Smith wears are childish as well.

Smith has now responded to Maher, stating he is not mad that the comedian and political pundit took a shot at him, insinuating Maher tends to roll over when confronted.

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"Yes, @billmaher took a shot at me during his show last night, in the midst of his latest rant about @TheRealStanLee and adults who like comic books." Smith wrote in the Twitter post. "No, I’m not mad at all. Bill may talk tough but he’s a stoner like me and a real pussycat when confronted."

Included in the response is a video clip from an appearance Smith made on Real Time With Bill Maher a few years ago, in which Smith confronted Maher for teeing off on him for being fat. In the clip, Smith joked that it was Maher's comments that made him want to lose weight so he could go on his show and smack him, though not with his hand, leaving Maher speechless for a moment before chuckling and continuing the conversation.

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Maher first sparked outrage amongst the comics community with a blog post he made shortly after the passing of the legendary Stan Lee, in which he postulated that Donald Trump could only get elected in a country in which people think comic books are important. Maher doubled down on his stance a few days later in an appearance on Larry King Live.

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