Kevin Smith Suffers Massive Heart Attack

Writer, director, actor and lifelong comic book fan Kevin Smith took to social media this morning to reveal that he suffered a massive heart attack last night. However, despite the terrifying health scare, Smith thankfully appears to be in good spirits.

In a Twitter post, accompanied by a selfie, Smith explained that the heart attack was the result of a 100 percent blockage of his left anterior descending (LAD) artery, which is extremely crucial in supplying blood to the heart. Episodes triggered by blockages such as this are often fatal, so Smith is incredibly lucky to have survived the ordeal -- a realization he doesn't appear to be taking for granted.

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Smith's rise to fame began with the release of 1994's Clerks -- a low-budget independent film that Smith wrote, directed, produced and co-starred in. This quickly spawned a series of spinoffs in which Smith would reprise his role as the overcoat-wearing stoner Silent Bob.

Beginning in the late '90s, Smith began dabbling in the world of mainstream comics, writing stories featuring such major characters as Daredevil, Batman, Spider-Man and Green Arrow. Today, he stars in the AMC reality television series Comic Book Men, which is set in his comic book store Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash, located in Red Bank, NJ.

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CBR wishes Smith a full and speedy recovery.

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