Kevin Smith Confirms Jason Mewes Will Appear In His "Flash" Episode

As revealed in the latest episode of the "Hollywood Babble-On" podcast, director Kevin Smith confirmed that his frequent onscreen partner Jason Mewes will have a part to play in Smith's upcoming "Flash" episode.

The director admitted that he "did not put Jay and Silent Bob in it," referencing the two characters that Smith and Mewes have played in a number of feature films. "I did put Jay in it."

Smith said he put Mewes in his episode "because he was my conduit to those shows. 'Arrow' is his religion, dude. He almost came to visit me on 'Flash' just so he could walk across the lot and look at the 'Arrow' sets and shit, and dream about salmon laddering up and shit." The "Flash" writers took it a step further, Smith revealed, saying that they ended up writing a part for him in the script.

"Are you shitting me? Because his fucking head will explode if I tell him that he's going to be on a CW show, that he's going to live on the CW," said Smith of his reaction to the news. "I've seen that dude cry twice. Once holding his newborn child, and once when he was told he was gonna have a bit part on 'The Flash.'"

Mewes friendship with Smith goes back decades; the pair first appeared as Jay and Silent Bob in 1994's "Clerks." The characters continued to appear in Smith's films, like "Mallrats," "Chasing Amy," "Dogma" and even the "Clerks" animated series. The pair got their own feature film, "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back," in 2001.

Smith's episode of "The Flash," the 21st of the show's second season, will air at the end of April on the CW.

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