Kevin Smith clears the air over "Planet Of The Apes" lawsuit

[Kevin Smith]Earlier this week, on August 6, the New York Post ran a story about a possible lawsuit between Directors Kevin Smith and Tim Burton. The article alleged that Smith was irate because the ending to Burton's "Planet Of The Apes" was a little too similar to the ending that Kevin penned to his own comic "Jay And Silent Bob" three years earlier.

"I think I got robbed and I'm talking with my lawyers about possibly suing," Smith told the New York Post.

Burton responded in the Post saying, "I have not seen the image and anybody that knows me knows I do not read comic books. And I especially wouldn't read anything that was created by Kevin Smith."

However, Kevin Smith responded to CBR News on Thursday to clear up any confusion regarding the issue.

"It was a joke," said Smith. "I assumed folks would get that. Like I'd really want to sue Fox. I mean, they gave us 'The Simpsons'! I could never have anything against the company that airs 'The Simpsons'," said Smith.

However, Smith did see the strong similarity between his ending for his creator-owned comic book title and Burton's summer blockbuster film.

"When I saw the movie, I thought it was ironic that we both used that same image - nothing more," said Smith. "I made some comments about it to the New York Post. Here we are."

Smith did say that the article gave him something useful for his next comic book project. "I enjoyed Tim's quote in the Post. I'll use that on a trade paperback one day," he said.

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