Kevin Smith Celebrates Batman's 80th Birthday with Detective Comics #1000

Last week, DC Comics commemorated the 80th anniversary of Batman's creation with the release of the special, oversized issue Detective Comics #1000. And this weekend, filmmaker and occasional comic book writer Kevin Smith joined in on the celebration.

Smith, who contributed to the special issue by writing an 8-page story illustrated by DC Chief Creative Officer and Co-Publisher Jim Lee, shared a photo on his Twitter account with the landmark issue to ring in the Caped Crusader's birthday while wearing of shirt with a image from Jim Starlin and Jim Aparo's Batman: Death in the Family.

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Smith's post was followed up by Lee in a Twitter post of his own, where the legendary artist teased the possibility of a future collaboration between the two in a decade for the 90th anniversary of the Dark Knight.

In addition to his work writing comic book stories starring Batman, Green Arrow and other DC heroes, Smith has directed a few episodes of the DC series Supergirl and The Flash.

He also created and co-hosts the Batman tribute podcast Fatman on Batman as part of his podcast network. Launched in 2012, the series was retitled Fatman Beyond in 2018 as it branched to other non-Batman related content and to reflect Smith's own weight loss since starting the podcast.

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Detective Comics #1000 is by a whole host of superstar writers and artists and is on sale now from DC Comics.

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