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Kevin Smith Brought ‘Infectious’ Positive Energy to “The Flash”

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Kevin Smith Brought ‘Infectious’ Positive Energy to “The Flash”

On May 10, Kevin Smith’s episode of “The Flash” will hit the small screen, but — until then — the cast and crew of the show continues to sing his praises. Carlos Valdes, who plays Cisco Ramon, joined in by discussing his experience with the director, just how Smith brought such a positive energy to the episode and more.

“I had no expectations and literally no idea what to expect, and he came on board and it was the best directing experience that I’ve had on the show, personally,” Valdes told TVLine. “He killed it, knocked it out of the park, man. He was so giving as a director, so trusting. He essentially allowed so many of the people working on the show to have the freedom to tell this story the way that they knew how. We’ve been telling this story and living with these characters for two years now, so we know this show pretty well.”

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“Usually, somebody will come in and sort of enact their vision of this story and have their say in how they want to frame the story, but Kevin’s approach was unique in that he allowed us as a collective team, as a group of over 100 crew and cast, to feel out this story,” he continued. “It was very hands-off at times, and that made for some great work. And not only that, he was very big in encouraging a positive energy on the set. Before we’d roll, he’d be like, ‘Best job in the world, people!’ and that’s infectious.”

In an earlier interview, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg and star Tom Cavanagh also weighed in on Smith’s work on “The Flash.” “Kevin, he’s such a fan of this show — like, in a way that humbles me beyond my wildest expectations, to be able to sit in a room with him and talk to him and think about how often I quote him and quote his movies, and how he was who I wanted to be when I was in college,” Kreisberg recalled. “To sit down with him and have him speak about this show so lovingly, and so intelligently, and so deeply — he didn’t approach this in like, ‘Well, here’s my chance to put my stamp on it,’ or ‘Here’s my change to “Clerks”-ify it. His biggest drive — and I hope it’s okay for me to say this — was like, he just didn’t want to mess it up because he’s such a fan.”

“You rarely get that experience. Jesse Martin said, ‘I always feel like I’m energized about “The Flash.” I’m completely reinvigorated just being around that man for eight shooting days.’ I think all of us felt that way,” added Cavanagh. “It was rare that you see that — I don’t want to necessarily say ‘enthusiasm’ as the way to describe it — just the gratitude. Kevin Smith proceeds from gratitude,” the actor continued. “I feel — I’ve always said a set is the place that outs you as a person. You can be a certain way, but after 17-hour days for four months, your true personality will come out. This guy — he’s a good human being. He’s incredible to work with.”

Starring Grant Gustin, Carlos Valdes and Jesse L. Martin, “The Flash” airs Tuesdays at 8 pm EST on The CW.

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