Kevin Shinick Wreaks "Superior Carnage" On The Marvel U

Writer Kevin Shinick returns to Marvel's Spider-Man family in July, and he's bringing a little Carnage with him.

Announced today on the LA Times' Hero Complex blog, Shinick and artist Stephen Segovia are launching "Superior Carnage" this summer, a five-issue miniseries freeing Cletus Kasaday and his equally psychotic and murderous symbiote from captivity thanks to longtime Marvel villain -- and self-percieved smartest man in the world -- the Wizard.

"We're picking up pretty much where we left off - Cletus is in an undisclosed location, in a prison, guarded, but he is catatonic," Shinick told Hero Complex of the series' premise. "I've decided that, kind of like and inspired by the way the government and the Avengers have used Venom and turned him into Agent Venom, that the Wizard has gotten the idea that if he can harness Carnage and convert him into sort of an agent evil, that it would be even more wicked and more ridiculous than turning Venom into an agent."

Shinick, best known for his work on Cartoon Network's "MAD" and Adult Swim's "Robot Chicken," said that while his trademark humor will surface in the story, it's not at the detriment of the inherent horror and evil Carnage fans have come to expect. "I'm not going the humorous route directly. I think this is a nice balance to what I've done in the past, because I think it can be very graphic and frightening. But I think any time anybody takes on more than they can chew there is room for humor."

Check out artist Clayton Crain's cover for "Superior Carnage" #1 below, and stay tuned to CBR for more "Superior Spider-Man" news!

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