Kevin Grevioux Signs Copies of "New Warriors" #1, Discusses Book

No superhero team in recent years has changed the face of the Marvel Universe more than the New Warriors. The actions of the group kicked off "Civil War," which profoundly altered the status quo of the Marvel Universe. Tomorrow, an all new "New Warriors" #1 hits stores, which follows the exploits of a new incarnation of the team who plan to confront the status quo of the MU head on.

New Warrior fans in Southern California will want to pay a visit to DJ's Universal Comics in Studio City tomorrow, because in honor of the book's release, "New Warriors" writer Kevin Grevioux will do a signing at the store from 11:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M. In order to provide some conversation material for fans attending the signing tomorrow, CBR News caught up with Grevioux for one last interview about the book.

The early glimpses fans have seen of the latest New Warriors line up seem to indicate that it's quite an eclectic cast of characters. One of the reasons why such a diverse group of heroes have decided to join forces is their shared feeling on the Superhuman Registration Act, but that's not the only reason. "Each team member has different reasons for joining, all though there is a sense of a unifying reason which I can't get into right now," Grevioux told CBR News. "But for the most part they feel that the old ways worked, and that too much government control is a very bad thing. I'm sure once the series gets rolling most fans may guess at the reason the characters feel this way."

As the "New Warriors" series progresses, readers will learn that people around the world have different feelings regarding the team. Since the their adventures will take them across the globe, Grevioux revealed that in due time he will be exploring other countries' reactions to both the team and the USA's Superhuman Registration Act.

From the artwork that's been revealed, it looks like a familiar face, or better yet, helmet, will be leading this latest incarnation of the Warriors in their defiance of the Superhuman Registration act. Grevioux couldn't reveal who the person wearing the Night Thrasher armor was, but he could tell us a little bit about their personality. "To put it quite bluntly: he's a badass. A hard rock to the nth degree," Grevioux said. "He wants the New Warriors to be the greatest superhuman fighting force the world has ever seen. He also is the consummate leader. And doing what the New Warriors do, they need a guy like that if they're going to survive in a hostile post-Civil War world."

Surviving in the post-Civil War world means that the anti-registration New Warriors will have to both battle crooks and elude cops. When the series begins, two police detectives, Sykes and Givens, are after the New Warriors. "The detectives are cops assigned by the NYPD's Costumed Division made popular in the pages of the 'Frontline' series," Grevioux explained.

"At the time of the first book, the New Warriors have been in operation for about a month and no one knows who they are, Grevioux continued. The only thing they know is that they've been finding villains who are trussed up around the city, even the country, and know one really knows who's responsible except that they're obviously illegal superhumans. These cops exist to find out who these law-breaking New Warriors are so they can make a report to S.H.I.E.L.D. so arrests can be made."

It won't be just the police and S.H.I.E.L.D. who are after the New Warriors. Older members of the team such as current Initiative members Rage, Justice and current Thunderbolt Penance will most certainly want to exchange words and probably fisticuffs with the latest line-up of the Warriors, and indeed Grevioux does have plans for these confrontations to take place. "Oh, yeah," the writer confirmed. "You guys just have to be patient."

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