Marvel's Kevin Feige Teases Future of the Quantum Realm

Quantum Realm

Kevin Feige has hinted at the extreme importance of the Quantum Realm in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Released as a part of the upcoming art book Marvel Studios: The First Ten Years, Feige participated in a Q&A about the Marvel Cinematic Universe and what the future holds for the franchise. One question specifically went so far as to bring up the Quantum Realm and the significance of the otherworldly dimension going forward in the MCU.

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“At the end of Ant-Man we followed Scott Lang into the Quantum Realm for the first time," said Feige. "We were beginning to peel back the onion that would later be completely peeled back in Doctor Strange as we go into the multiverse... this Quantum Realm is much larger than we ever imagined, and there are all sorts of adventures to be had at that level, which perhaps we will explore in another film.”

This lines up with many other hints and theories about the importance of the mysterious realm, including what Ant-Man and the Wasp director Peyton Reed had to say about it and the future of Janet van Dyne just last month.

Marvel Studios: The First Ten Years will be available online and in book stores on Nov. 20.

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