Kevin Feige Reveals If Blade Is in Phase 4, Answers Luke Cage Question

Marvel Studios made a lot of major announcements at Comic-Con International in San Diego during its return to Hall H. However, the studio dropped one of the biggest surprises at the end of the panel when it announced Blade will finally join the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, while the news was met with enthusiasm by fans, the announcement that Oscar-award winner Mahershala Ali was cast as the fan-favorite half-vampire, it drove a stake into the heart of any chance Wesley Snipes had of taking on the role again.

As previously reported, when Ali called Marvel and said he wanted to play Blade, the studio made the call to move forward with the pitch after just a few meetings.

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Following the presentation, Collider caught up with Kevin Feige and asked when fans could expect to see Blade hit theaters. The Marvel Studios president clarified that while it was made alongside of the studio's Phase Four announcements, Blade is not part of that grouping.

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While Feige stopped short of revealing a release date, it appears Blade may be one of the Phase Five movies, along with the sequels for Black PantherCaptain Marvel and Guardians of the Galaxy.

Feige was also asked whether there was a connection with Blade and Cottonmouth, a character Mahershala Ali portrayed in the Netflix series Luke Cage, to which he responded with an unambiguous, "No."

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