Kevin Conroy Explains Why Batman: The Animated Series Ended


Batman: The Animated Series is arguably one of the most celebrated and beloved superhero cartoons ever produced. After running for three years and a total of 85 episodes, the television series reached its end, much to the chagrin of fans everywhere. Now, thanks to the iconic voice actor who brought the Dark Knight to life on the series, we know why.

During a panel at the MCM Comic Con in London, the voice actor revealed that he'd love to return for a reboot of the animated series. "They didn’t stop making the shows because the audience wasn’t there or the actors weren’t there," Conroy began to explain. "They stopped, really, because the creators ran out of ideas for stories. And they didn’t want to compromise on the quality of what they had and start creating kind of silly stories."

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Batman: TAS was created by Bruce Timm and Eric Radomski, and had a team of writers that included Paul Dini, Alan Burnett and others. The trio of Timm, Dini and Burnett would later create the animated series Batman Beyond; then, later Timm and Dini would create the popular Justice League animated series. "They were always looking at different ways to re-imagine the characters, just so they can get new storylines," Conroy continued. "A lot of it had to do with trying to come up with stories that weren’t becoming ridiculous."

And Conroy believes he isn't alone in wanting to come back for more. "All the actors would love to have done more of them. You could get all those actors back today, in a booth, to do more animated series shows because everyone loved it that much."

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Conroy currently voices Batman/Bruce Wayne in Cartoon Network's Justice League Action. The second part of the series' first season, "Battles from Beyond!" hit home release on May 22.

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