Kentucky police department calls for arrest of 'Frozen's' Elsa

It's usually the local television meteorologist who bears the brunt of criticism when the weather turns bad, but authorities in Harlan, Kentucky, know exactly who to blame for the arctic chill gripping the eastern United States: Elsa from Disney's Frozen.

On Wednesday, the Harlan City Police Department issued an "all points bulletin" calling for the arrest of Queen Elsa of Arendelle.

"Suspect is a blonde female last seen wearing a long blue dress and is known to burst into song 'Let it Go!'" reads a post on the department's Facebook page. "As you can see by the weather she is very dangerous. Do not attempt to apprehend her alone."

The joke quickly drew attention, first in and around tiny city of 1,745 -- probably best known as the primary setting for the FX drama Justified -- and then around the world, earning coverage from CNN and Today.

"Wow. We were just having a little fun and didn't expect this!" the police department added. "It has been fun and we had to have a little fun after this week's weather. But as a reminder, do take the precautions you need to keep you, your friends, family, neighbors and pets safe during the snow queen's mad spell. [...] Unreal that this got so much attention! But thanks everyone. We are happy we got some weather awareness and thankful for the support."

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