Kentucky comic store transforms into church each Sunday

I really like this Lexington (Kentucky) Herald-Leader profile of local retailer A+ Comics & Collectibles, which each Sunday turns into The Point Community Church.

Owner Russ Battaglia and his wife Christie were introduced by a customer to The Point, which at the time was sharing space with another church. The Battaglias really connected with the congregation, and when they moved the store to a new, larger location, Pastor Tony Cecil proposed a radical idea: that A+ and The Point share the new space.

And so the display racks were placed on rollers or slides so they can be moved easily, and the empty space at the back divided to serve has childcare during services. Each Sunday, curtains go up to hide the merchandise, a window shade comes down to advertise the church, and ... voila! The whole process takes about a half-hour.

"It's like a comic book store that becomes a Transformer, too," Battaglia tells the newspaper.

It won't need to transform for much longer, however: The Point Community Church will soon move down the street.

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