Kentaro Miura's manga epic 'Berserk' comes to Dark Horse/Digital Manga

Official Press Release

Dark Horse Comics in conjunction with Digital Manga is proud to announce the publication of Kentaro Miura's manga horror/fantasy epic Berserk. One of the most eagerly anticipated manga properties in recent years, Berserk was originally published in Japan by Hakusensha and has been serialized in Young Animal Magazine since the early 1990's. An animated TV series followed in 1998 and Media Blasters announced a U.S. anime acquisition in 2001.

With a release scheduled for fall 2003, Dark Horse and Digital Manga will present Berserk as three volumes in a non-westernized format. Each volume will read from right to left and original Japanese sound effects will remain intact.

Keep your eye on Darkhorse.com for updates as more information becomes available!

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