Ken Jeong Lands Role on Spy (What's It Mean For Community?)

What's good news for actor-comedian Ken Jeong sure looks like a bad omen for fans of Community.

Deadline reports Jeong, who's best known for playing Chang on the beleaguered NBC comedy and Mr. Chow in The Hangover films, has landed a role on the ABC pilot Spy. Based on the U.K. sitcom of the same name, Spy stars Rob Corddry as a well-meaning father who inadvertently takes a job in the Secret Service in an attempt to impress his son, who's his complete opposite. Jeong will play Corddry's boss, the mischievous Examiner.

The website notes that while Community returned strong Feb. 7, last week the series hit series-low ratings. Of course, if you're looking to hang your hopes on something, there's always a chance, should Community be renewed for a fifth season and Spy picked up to series, Jeong could juggle both series. Hold on to that.

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