Kelly Thompson, Ben Caldwell Join "A-Force" as New Creative Team

"Jem and the Holograms" scribe Kelly Thompson is back at Marvel following her stint on "Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps," and this time she's teaming up with "Prez" artist Ben Caldwell to take over "A-Force". Beginning with the series' 5th issue, Thompson and Caldwell will throw the team at a dragon attacking a coastal town, but -- as it turns out -- this dragon has her eye on one particular teammate.

In an interview with Marvel.com, Thompson and Caldwell discussed their take on the team, where they're headed and more.

"For 'A-Force's' second arc, with Ben Caldwell coming on as artist, we just leaned into everything that was already so exciting about the book -- the huge power sets, the natural comedy, and the great team dynamic -- which is at once both fun and full of friction," Thompson revealed. "Ben excels at everything but I'm particularly a fan of his character work and the movement he brings to a story; it's so expressive and fun and I just wanted to give him as much room as possible so he can do what he does best. And that means a creative villain he can cut loose with and lots of punching and jokes."

"Five of our six heroes fit in just fine because it's essentially the same world they've always known. Singularity definitely has some adjusting to do as she's a stranger in a strange land and that takes time to figure out," she continued. "She's obviously desperate to have lost Arcadia, but she has real hope and happiness in finding versions of her friends here; some of them more different than others -- I'm looking at you, Dazzler! But it can be fun to play a fish out of water story, especially with the sort of childlike innocence that Singularity has. So expect us to have some fun with that as she gets to know this new world and her old friends all over again."

"It's exciting to be able to tell emotional stories with characters that have been a bit underused in recent years and especially with Dazzler, picking up on some cool threads that have been built up in other books in the last few years and finally getting to explore them," she added.

"It's a comic about super heroes saving the day, plain and simple... They want to punch things into oblivion and also kiss people, they want to battle dragons and also go out for burgers, they want to save the world and also party all night long -- which sometimes just means playing video games until they can't see straight -- same as Spider-Man, Wolverine, Iron Man, Captain America, or any other hero."

"Mostly 'A-Force' will be punching things, telling jokes, and trying not to die," she concluded.

"The most exciting design work, for me, is really selling the individual personalities of these characters," Caldwell shared. "And of course the first step in doing that is to consider how their visual designs help to sell this. As well as avoiding the interchangeable-body-type phenomena that is so popular. In terms of costume design, of course I'm generally just following orders. With Nico and Dazzler there was more room for adjustment, but these are also the characters [that] are in their most transitional state right now! Without spoiling anything, these two needed designs that reflect the fact that they are evolving."

"A-Force" #5 arrives at retailers sometime later this year.

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