Kelly Sue DeConnick, Robson Rocha To Take Over Aquaman

Captain Marvel and Bitch Planet writer Kelly Sue DeConnick will be taking over DC Comics' Aquaman ongoing series with a story arc that co-publishers Jim Lee and Dan DiDio compare to classics like Batman: Year One.

The official numbering and publication dates for DeConnick's take over are yet to be announced, but her story is set to be a reexamination of the character's roots. Lee described the story as a closer look at Arthur Curry's relationship with his absent mother and the issues that particular hole in his life have created for him. Arthur will be waking up on a mysterious deserted island populated by "sea gods" who have been thrown out or otherwise forgotten by the world that once worshipped them.


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DeConnick, who is the first female writer to ever script the character's solo adventures, will be joined by artist Robson Rocha for the tale; the artist most recently drew Issue #35 of the current Aquaman series. The art accompanying this story is from that issue.

This will be the first major creative shift for Aquaman since writer Dan Abnett launched the series and has remained with it for the duration of the Rebirth era.

This is the second major DC creator announcement to come out of this year's Comic-Con, following official confirmation that Grant Morrison and Liam Sharp will be taking over Green Lantern.

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