Kelly Sue DeConnick is writing a comic for you to draw

The writer of Captain Marvel and Ghost explains the whole story on her blog -- and you should read it because it's very sweet and she tells it much better than I'm going to -- but the digest version is this: This year at Heroes Con, Kelly Sue DeConnick met a young girl named Winter who likes to draw ninjas. When Winter declared that she and DeConnick should make a ninja comic together, the writer agreed, for reasons the writer explains in her post. Seriously, go read it.

It's a wonderful story, but it doesn't end there. DeConnick is going to write the story a panel at a time and will tweet the descriptions with the hashtag #winterstale. That's how Winter will get her instructions, but it's also how you can get yours, because she and DeConnick are opening the project up to anyone who wants to join in. You, your kids, your parents, whoever. Simply reply to any #winterstale panel description with a twitpic or a link to your drawing and DeConnick will repost them to the Winter's Tales Tumblr page. If you don't have a Twitter account and don't want one, you can play along via Tumblr instead.

DeConnick's plan is to print her and Winter's comic as a "punkzine style" minicomic to sell at next year's HeroesCon, with all proceeds going to Winter's college fund. If you turn your own pages into a minicomic, she'll swap with you.

If you'd like to know a bit more about what you'll be drawing, they're calling the comic Ninja Princess Zombie Rockstar and, per Winter's drawing interests, will fill it with the following:

  • A Ninja Princess and her Cheerleader Friends who join forces with Vampire Ninjas to fight Zombie Ninjas who are invading her kingdom
  • The princess also has a superhero friend named Rock, a female rock star with pink and blonde hair who uses guitars, drum kits, flutes, clarinets and an amp in battle.
  • Kittens, especially ninja kittens
  • Puppies
  • Wolves
  • Robots
  • Fairies
  • Good and Evil witches

You're already designing them in your head, aren't you?

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