Kelley's Wonder Woman Now More Fierce, Less Like Ally McBeal

Before fans were outraged by the first look at Wonder Woman star Adrianne Palicki in costume, they were troubled by a leaked draft of David E. Kelley's pilot script featuring a Diana who pines for Steve Trevor, sings along with the radio and participates in an ice cream-filled sleepover.

Some of the reservations about the costume have since been eased by the appearance of another, less-shiny ensemble, and the revelation just last week that the superheroine will have three outfits, including one that's somewhat more familiar. But what about those other issues?

According to io9.com, revised script pages, released for casting purposes, reveal changes intended to make Diana "seem more formidable" and less like ... well, the star of Kelley's comedy-drama Ally McBeal.

This updated Wonder Woman is much more assertive, intimidating a rude driver and Veronica Cale's thugs alike by lifting them into the air by their throats. And when threatened with a knife by another adversary, she gives him a thumb to the eye.

The new draft also adds a flashback to Diana rescuing Steve Trevor (Justin Breuning) from a burning airplane on Paradise Island, and introduces the Amazon Artemis. Oh, and we also meet Diana's neighbor in Los Angeles: one William Marston.

io9.com has more details, none of which is particularly spoiler-y. There's nothing further, though, on the outcome of the sleepover or the radio sing-along.

In addition to Palicki and Breuning, the Wonder Woman pilot also stars Elizabeth Hurley as Veronica Cale, Cary Elwes as Henry Detmer, Tracie Thoms as Etta Candy, and Pedro Pascal as Ed Indelicato.

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