Kelley's Wonder Woman Longs For Steve Trevor, Loves Pop Music

If you were betting that David E. Kelley's reimagined Wonder Woman would look a lot like Ally McBeal, but with superpowers, congratulations -- you just won the office pool.

Bleeding Cool and The Futon Critic have gotten their hands on a 72-page draft of the pilot, which landed at NBC just last week, and, well, it's very Kelley-esque. Both sites avoid giving away significant plot details, but they paint a picture of a Wonder Woman unlike anything we've previously seen in comic books or on television.

This Wonder Woman, it seems, is Diana Themyscira, pop culture-savvy head of Themyscira Industries, a corporation that sells, among other things, Wonder Woman merchandise to fund our heroine's crime-fighting endeavors. But because the public is aware that Wonder Woman and Diana Themyscira are one and the same -- shades of Iron Man and Tony Stark -- she's recently created the secret identity of Diana Prince.

Although there are elements that will be familiar to comic-book readers -- the supporting cast includes versions of Etta Candy, Steve Trevor, Myndi Myers and a villainous Veronica Cale -- gone is the iconic costume and the invisible jet. She still has the bullet-deflecting bracelets and the magic lasso, but she wears what's described as a "colorful Spandex suit," and flies around in a fleet of sedan-sized aircraft made by BMW.

Other additions include Henry Demeter (groan), the CEO of Themyscira Industries who has a crush on Wonder Woman, "The Animals," a group of three science nerds who help Diana analyze evidence, and an inexplicable running joke involving singer Katy Perry.

Visit both sites for more script details -- "an ice cream-filled sleepover"! "Pines for Steve like Carrie for Big"! -- then brace yourselves for the debut of Wonder Woman sometime next season.

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