Keith Knight's 14 tips for a better Kickstarter campaign

Last week The K Chronicles cartoonist Keith Knight exceeded his $40,000 goal with a Kickstarter campaign to fund I Was a Teenage Michael Jackson Impersonator, an autobiographical graphic novel about "a young man who found himself through impersonating somebody else." Today he took to The Washington Post's Comic Riffs blog to share what he learned from the Kickstarter experience, offering 14 tips for a aore successful fundraising campaign."

Some of Knight's suggestions are common sense, such as including sample art on your Kickstarter page and advertising your project on your own website. Others aren't quite as obvious: "Be sure that your campaign launches ends during the week, not the weekend. Weekends are where Kickstarter campaigns go to die."

I also liked this pointer, because, well, if you want to get a little you should be willing to give a little: "It's probably not a big deal, but before I launched, I backed a few projects. ‘Cause when I check out a project, I scroll down to the little photo to see the bio, and I found myself more willing to get behind someone who has backed other Kickstarter projects themselves."

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