Keenspot To Publish 'Exploitation Now' Book Collection

Press Release

Keenspot Entertainment and cartoonist Michael Poe announced today that they have entered into agreement to publish a complete print collection of Poe's popular webcomic 'Exploitation Now'. The strip, which ended in August after an extremely popular run of more than two years online, is an anime-influenced, adult-oriented serial combining comedy and sci-fi adventure, set in a world where the errant bastard offspring of Hello Kitty, ex-porn stars, and misunderstood teenage evil super villains all live together. The book, to be titled 'Exploitation Now: Selling Out For Fun and Profit', is tentatively scheduled for December publication and will collect the full run of over 300 comics.

"It'll be nice to finally get something in print to rub in the faces of the bastards I went to art school with," says creator Michael Poe. Poe and his webcomic had humble beginnings, starting online at Keenspace.com, Keenspot's free-for-all webhosting service for aspiring cartoonists. Keenspot execs quickly spotted the quality and growing popularity of the strip, and soon it was moved to the webcomic big leagues, the Keenspot.com main hub site (where profits generated by each strip's site are split equally with the creators). After moving from Keenspace to Keenspot, 'Exploitation Now' skyrocketed in popularity to become one of Keenspot's top features. Poe will be launching an all-new webcomic series on Keenspot.com soon.

"We're more than happy to be able to bring 'Exploitation Now' to print," says Chris Crosby, Co-CEO of Keenspot Entertainment. "Fans will now be able to read and re-read their favorite comics while away from the computer, and those who never had time to go through the archives online will be able to get the complete experience in one big, nice-looking book."

'Exploitation Now: Selling Out For Fun and Profit' will run over 200 pages, and will be available in a $19.95 prestige format trade paperback and a $29.95 limited edition hardcover format. Pre-orders are being taken now at Keenspot's online store, keenswag.com, and will soon be available to order through amazon.com and other booksellers.

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