Keatinge Announces Pro Wrestling-Themed Series "Ringside" At Image Expo

The line between comics and professional wrestling is about to get even blurrier. During the keynote address at this year's Image Expo in San Francisco, frequent Image writer Joe Keatinge took to the stage to announce a new ongoing series -- "Ringside."

The series will focus on what happens when the attention of screaming crowds and wrestling announces is focused elsewhere, as indicated by "Ringside's" tagline: "The real violence is outside the ring." The comic boasts a logo designed by Brandon Graham and will feature art from newcomer Nick Barber, who Keatinge found online.

"This is a book about the relationships that form throughout this industry," said Keatinge at Image Expo. The writer said that his favorite wrestler, Mick Foley, inspired him to take a deeper look at professional wrestling and learn more about what goes on behind the scenes. He also equated defunct cult-favorite organization ECW to Image Comics.

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