Keanu Reeves Still Wants to Play Wolverine

After Hugh Jackman's 17-year run playing the iconic X-Men character Wolverine came to a bittersweet end with 2017's Logan, there has been plenty of debate as to whether the character should ever be recast and who would play him if he was. As it turns out, though, Keanu Reeves, known for his roles in such films as The Matrix and John Wick, wouldn't mind donning the adamantium claws, should the opportunity finally present itself.

In an interview with ScreenGeek regarding his upcoming film Replicas, the topic of potential comic book film roles for Reeves came up.

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"A few years ago, you were asked if you'd you a comic book film. You said you wanted to do Wolverine but you couldn't take it. You wanted to do Batman but you couldn't take it," the interviewer said.

"No, it wasn't that I couldn't take it, it was cast," Reeves responded.

"Yeah, they had everyone they needed for those roles. Now those positions are opening up," the interviewer continued.

"Of the two, I'd love to play Wolverine," Reeves said.

"We have John Wick though!" Reeves' Replica co-star Alice Eve humorously added. "What can he do; he'd be a cheater! You can't cheat on John!"

The interviewer then pressed the issue further, asking Reeves if there were any other comic book roles he'd like to take on, to which the actor responded, "I don't have one, to be candid."

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On that note, it is worth mentioning that Reeves previously played the titular character of the 2005 DC/Vertigo film Constantine. However, he has been largely absent from the comic book genre since.

It's unclear when Fox and/or Marvel will even consider bringing Wolverine back into the fold. But when they do, it appears that Reeves would be more than willing to take a crack at the character.

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